Vulcan County Emergency Services is always looking for volunteers who want to give back to their community.  Within our training facilities our volunteers are trained to the NFPA 1001 level 2, that means there is no need to travel to Alberta fire training school in Lakeland College.  There is the opportunity to train medically from First Aid to Medical First Responder (MFR), and financial assistance for EMR and EMT-A.  This will prepare you for the emergencies that we are called to.  If you are not physically able to become a firefighter or do not want to be on the fire ground we are willing to use volunteers to help with fire prevention week, a youth awareness program, or there may be some other area that you can offer assistance, please contact us by filling out the form here.


A Canadian Class 5 Drivers License (minimum)
Minimum 18 years of age
Ability to understand and communicate in English (written and oral)
Physically able to perform tasks/duties of the job
Able to commit to training and respond to emergency calls
Live and/or work in the response area
No conviction of a criminal offense related to the job duties of a firefighter



Work as part of a team to respond to emergency situations
Professionalism (Code of conduct)
Protect citizens in times of crisis
Perform the duties of emergency responder, fire suppression, and public education as assigned
Learn the skills of an emergency responder
Respond to a broad range of emergency situations
Provide pre-hospital care for victims
Be a community role model
Responsible for upgrading and maintaining skills/knowledge and physical requirements
Maintain fire station and the upkeep of firefighting equipment

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